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Bee You Bee Happy Drop-in Childcare Services

A specialty service for North County real estate agents and their clients

Bee You Bee Happy Child Care has served as a haven for children and their families since 2020. We’re located in Calavera Hills, Carlsbad in a gorgeous neighborhood with the house that always has the most fun!

Drop-in childcare services are designed with you in mind. Experience total peace, calm and attention toward finding your dream home while your 'honey bees' buzz with us!

We care, nurture and support your child(ren) like they are our own. We dream up a wide range of creative programs for children of all ages. Our activities and offerings are fun, challenging and accepting of everyone’s individual abilities. Above all, we are a down-to-earth family and dedicated to ensuring everyone has a fun, safe and happy time.

When you can Bee You, you can Bee Happy!

Bee You Bee Happy Agent - Find Them a Hi
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