COVID-19 Response Update:

Our program has been modified to comply with Federal and State guidelines:

  • Small group sizes

  • Diligent cleaning and sanitizing procedures

  • Emphasis on good hygiene practices and social distancing

  • Daily temperature and health checks


Our Incredible Programs and Services:

Daycare Center

Mom's Morning Out

Little friendships are made!

Our program vision is to create a fun, safe, comfortable and consistent environment for young children to grow, develop and explore. Our program aims to support both parents and children in living a balanced, happy, fulfilled, and authentic life. We practice kindness, love and gratitude toward each other, our Earth and ourselves.

Date Night Childcare

Fun for All

Our amazing Date Night Childcare program is an integral part of Bee You Bee Happy Childcare. Our aim is to support children and parents while providing a designated time for both children and parents to connect. Spend time nourishing your relationship while we play, jump and craft with your kiddos.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Kids in Preschool

Experience Total Peace of Mind

Our premier drop-in childcare has everything you need to drop your child off and get back to doing things that allow you to Bee You and Bee Happy. We discovered by listening to parents in our community that we could be a resource to families who needed a couple hours a few times a week without locking in a monthly tuition rate. We offer flexible and fair rates to accommodate you and your needs.

Email to reserve your space today!

Enjoy Pure Fun

Anyone who takes part in our incredible 9 week Summer Camp will come home with new knowledge, skills, memories and most important new friendships! We make sure campers enjoy every moment in a loving and nurturing environment. Our goal is to encourage social and emotional development by engaging children in both group activities and  individual opportunities to explore. We keep your little bees buzzing all day with games, crafts, experiments, outdoor play and more!


Jenelle Raimo


Hi there! I am Jenelle Raimo, can’t wait to see you!  It is with overwhelming conviction, my heart is devoted to the children of this earth. I said good-bye to corporate life and hello to following my passions; teaching and nurturing growth in young girls by being a role model and proving a safe environment for girls to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.  I am building and creating community by investing my time, energy and love. I am living in light from being and trusting my most authentic self, I hope in some way I can inspire your daughter and your family to do the same.
Live Freely, Jenelle


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